It’s a Mystery! Slots

It’s a mystery… a ‘reel’ mystery, you could say, given the title of this game. It tells us much about what we should expect once we load this Real Time Gaming effort. There is a mystery afoot, and a mansion provides the setting for this captivating slot game to play out. Test your skills today and see whether you can solve a crime.

Reels and win lines

The format used for this slot is nothing new, bringing in five reels to give room for 25 lines to be played.

Coin values

Coins between a cent and $5 apiece are often seen in RTG slots. This one continues that trend.

Special icons in It’s a Mystery

The detective may have lots of questions about what has occurred, making a question mark wild icon an appropriate choice here. You will also see a logo for the game appearing as the scatter icon.

You may also benefit from the Feature Guarantee that appears in this game. It means the bonus will be unlocked after a certain number of spins if it has not already been won.

Bonuses to hunt for

This is a great bonus, based around free games but with a twist in store. Find three or more scatters and you get to solve a Portrait Puzzle. Try and slide as many pieces into their rightful positions as possible. Every correct one stays in the right place. The better you are at completing it, and the closer you get, the more freebies you will win. The maximum on offer is 50!

Remember, if you play for ages and don’t unlock the special feature, it will eventually unlock anyway. This is a nice touch, but it does rely on you settling in for a period of play.

Download and play the It’s a Mystery slot game today

We do love a good puzzle, but there is nothing much secretive about this game. It is one of the more unusual entries into the RTG slot game collection, and that is one reason why we like it. The puzzle means it takes longer to reach the free games, and of course it is not certain how many you can win either. That makes things more exciting.

See how far you can get in solving the mystery of this slot game today. Could you solve the mystery of how to win it?