Slotastic Casino

Slotastic Casino is well-known as the premier online destination for gamblers looking for a good blend of quality Promotions, game selection and reliable gambling conditions. These are the features that are most important to online gamblers, and they're what's most important to use as well. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer our gamblers and you'll soon see why Slotastic casino is regularly voted as a top online casino.

So Many Games to Choose From!

Deciding what online game you'll play at Slotastic Casino is never a simple task, because there are nearly 200 to choose from!

Among all those different games, the majority are slots, but there are some other options as well. Players enjoy picking from the many different table games available, the selection of video games and the progressive jackpot games that pay out hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to players.

Promotions Worth Joining For

We don't claim to offer the top promotions in the industry, but our welcome bonus and ongoing promotions are some of the best that you'll find online. New gamblers will enjoy a match deposit bonus of 150% on deposits up to hundreds of dollars. Getting started at the casino is simple and we'll reward you for making that initial deposit. There are also special ongoing deposit bonuses, free spin incentives to get you trying out new games, and free money rewards that pay out money to players just for showing up or making slight deposits. There's always something to look forward to at Slotastic casino, and that's why it's a leading online destination for serious gamblers.

Reliable Security

Some casinos claim to be secure while having glaring security holes that put gamblers at risk. This isn't an issue with Slotastic casino. Instead the online casino is built with top quality software that's designed to keep players safe. It relies on leading SSL encryption to protect all currency transactions, and undergoes regular testing and screening to verify that the games are safe and that players are enjoying fair gambling conditions. All these security measures are what we rely on to protect our players, and it's been keeping everyone safe for years.

Online gambling isn't right for everyone, but gambling online at Slotastic Casino Mobile makes online gaming enjoyable for most. We offer the features that players are most interested in enjoying, and it's all the little details that we put into the casino that make it the top gambling destination that it is today.

Exciting Slot Tournament Opportunities

Online gambling is a lot of fun on your own, but it's missing a key element that many gamblers enjoy when playing in person. Social interaction and competition. One of the pure joy's of gambling in person is talking amongst the other players and comparing how you are doing with them as you go through the games. That's a benefit that Slotastic's slot tournaments can offer you. Sure, it's not the same as sitting down and playing with a bunch of other gamblers, but it offers many of the same benefits, especially if you enjoy competing against other players.

Realtime Gaming powers the slot tournaments offered at Slotastic Online Casino, and there are tournaments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Serious gamblers can get in on the action whenever they feel like gambling and they can enjoy the slot games that they like the best as well. There are many different games supported by this special feature, so it's simple to pick and choose the one that is best-suited to your specific tastes.

Trying out a slot tournament is quick and easy to do with minimal work on the gambler's part. The first step is to sign up with an account and fund that account with one of the accepted payment methods. From there it's important to choose a slot game that has a tournament associated with it. Install the casino software so you can experience all the different games offered by the casino, or just make use of the flash games specifically.

Now it's time to pick and choose from the different available tournaments. There are free tournaments that can be joined for no buy in at all on a weekly basis. There are also paid tournaments that come with a small entry fee to get into. Different tournaments come with different fees, and each one offers a different payout to look forward to. Choose the tournament that fits your tastes the best and then start gambling to try and get the most credits by the end of the tournament period.

Lucky gamblers will unlock the largest number of credits during the gambling period, giving them enough to win one of the top spots in the tournament. The top gamblers will be rewarded with the tournament payout in the end. The free roll tournaments come with a $100 prize pool weekly, but there are a bunch of other tournaments with different sized prize pools as well. Get involved with some of them today and try your luck at winning against all the other players. There's nothing quite like competitive slot gambling.

Powerful Promotion Opportunities

There are ample promotion opportunities while playing at Slotastic casino. It's possible to earn up to $500 on your initial deposit into the casino with a powerful deposit match bonus offered by Slotastic. This is just the beginning of all the different bonus offers being given out though. There are special free spin bonuses given out regularly. Players can unlock cashback bonuses and get back some of the money that they've lost at the casino over time. It's also possible to get access to additional deposit bonuses on future deposits that you make into the casino. No matter how you play at Slotastic, thee are likely at least a few different bonus and promotion options for you to make use of.

Exciting Reward Payouts

There are some seriously good reward opportunities available at Slotastic Online Casino. Gamblers that are interested in progressive jackpot slots can win hundreds of thousands of dollars with enough luck on their side. Many of the table games at the casino also offer excellent prize payout wins. Gamblers that are willing to enter into one of the slot tournaments also have chances to win the tournament prize money on top of the standard money won from theslot game itself. There are lots of different ways to win big while playing at Slotastic, and that's who so many people still give the casino a try today.

Flexible Banking Solutions

When you're first getting started at a new casino it's important to choose a banking method that you're comfortable with. Players at Slotastic will have plenty of different banking options to pick and choose from. If you are just getting started at the site you can choose from common options like credit cards, eWallet services and bank transfers. Between these three different simple payment solution categories, you should be able to find an option that you are comfortable with and use that to fund your casino account.

Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is an important elelemnt of an online casino and it's vital to ensuring that you get the help you need whenever you run into an issue. At Slotastic there are three different support tools available, and they are all simple to make use of. There is a toll-free phone number that you can call to get instant help whenever you like. There is a support email address that you can send messages to asking for help. There is also a dedicated Skype address that you can talk with to get the help that you need. No matter what sort of issue you have at Slotastic, you should be able to figure out a way to get the help that you need thanks to all the different support tools that are available.

Mobile Casino Support

Mobile Casino gambling is a lot of fun and it adds another element of freedom to online casinos. Slotastic has a mobile lobby online that gamblers can access with their smartphones and tablet devices. The games load up instantly and don't require any sort of software in order to play. That means that you can very easily bring your favorite slot games with you wherever you are and you can start playing in just moments.

Trying the New RTG Slots

There are more than 200 different slot games overall at Slotastic Mobile Casino, but many of them are newer RTG slots that are updated and added to on a regular basis. RTG or Realtime Gaming is well-known as one of the top slot software creators available today. If you're a fan of RTG slot games and you want fast-access to them, you'll love being a member of Slotastic casino. Over time you'll see new slot games added and you'll have plenty of different options to choose from.