Mice Dice Slots

No one wants mice in their house. So, imagine how odd it would be to see lots of them in a casino? Oh, no, hang on – we meant to say a Catsino. Yes, a catsino does appear here, and you can guess which animal might make an appearance there, can’t you?

RTG clearly had cats and mice on the brain while coming up with this slot. It’s an unlikely setting, sure, but the Mice Dice slot works out very nicely indeed.

Reels and win lines

With five reels to start spinning when you get involved here, you can also look forward to betting on 25 lines in the hope of winning some prizes.

Coin values

A cent to a dollar… that is the range you can play with whenever you choose a coin amount to wager on this slot.

Special icons in Mice Dice

Given the title we have for this slot, it’s not a shock to see a mouse with some dice in its paws. This is nice to see too, since it is used as a wild symbol. If you manage to find five of these symbols to complete a line you bet on, you would score 2,500 coins.

We mentioned the presence of the catsino already, so you will guess this is shown as the scatter icon.

Bonuses to hunt for

Although you can win wild prizes with the mice dice icon, you can also win free games. Just two icons are needed to trigger this. You will then see those dice roll to reveal the number of games you will play for free. You will also see the multiplier that will be used for the games. The more dice you found, the more there are to roll to reveal the answers to this feature.

Since this game comes from RTG, it may not surprise you to learn it includes a Feature Guarantee. This means the free spins will always trigger upon the 100th spin from the moment you begin the game. Hopefully, you will unlock the bonus long before then, but if you are planning on playing for a while it is useful to know about the Feature Guarantee.

Download and play the Mice Dice slot game today

This is a theme we could get to like a lot. Will you enjoy what the Mice Dice slot game can offer you today?