Slotastic has one million registered users and there are probably another million who are just about to join. Considering this huge amount of traffic Slotastic has set up a special support center that concentrates of four main areas of the casino offering guidance, support, ideas and tips for each and every player and potential player. The support center can be accessed online or through the mobile casino and is instantly available always of the day and night. Updates are sent to the support center regularly and if the player cannot find the written answers in the support center, he is welcome to contact the online support team. The online support team offer around the clock follow up support and advice at all times of the day and night. The player just needs to click on or tap the live support button in order to be taken directly to a customer service representative in real time who will be able to help with every aspect of the online and mobile casino experience.

The Four Main Areas of the Support Center

The support center has separated the different areas of the casino to make it easier for the player to find his help. The banking section deals with banking that includes deposits and withdrawals and the minimums needed, the time involved for each action and the requirements. The account section deals with details on how to complete registration, what requirements and age restrictions there are in addition to restrictions from different countries and how to renew old accounts. The bonuses section is probably the most read section dealing with the welcome bonus offers, the cashback offers, free spins and no deposit bonuses. By reading this section players can understand the requirements and the details of each bonus and how long they last. This section also explains the playthrough and wagering requirements. The Gameplay section is all about the different games and how the games are played, what the games offer and what the preferences are for each game. With the help of the Support Center players at the Slotastic casino are assured and gain confidence to enjoy the casino more and hopefully earn more.
  • Toll free: 1 800 571 7009
  • Regular number:1 678 349 0095
  • Fax number:1 678 349 0096
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