Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots

Those two words – feature guarantee – have appeared alongside the titles of a few slot games from RTG. This is another take on the original Aztec’s Treasure slot, which proved to be very popular among players. You might wonder why you should try this one too, but those two words mentioned earlier will reveal the answers.

Reels and win lines

You will see five reels spinning into view in this game. These provide you with 25 paylines to bet on.

Coin values

If you want to bet a cent on each line you can do. There are other coins here too, including the largest one at $5.

Special icons in Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee

An Aztec-themed slot often features an Aztec king. This one does as well, acting as a wild symbol. A valuable idol can also appear in the game and it is indeed valuable, behaving as a scatter symbol.

Bonuses to hunt for

There is a chance to score five, 15, or 25 free spins of the reels in this slot. Three, four, or five of the idols are required to get each quantity. Regardless of how you trigger the feature, all prizes are tripled from their usual amounts.

You can also win further free spins whenever other idols are found. Just one will win you another free game, although finding five would bring another 25 free spins.

This is also the part of the game where the Feature Guarantee kicks in. By playing the game, you will be sure of triggering the bonus once you reach 150 spins played. If you haven’t played it by then, it will trigger automatically for you. If you get lucky, you won’t need this feature as it will already have triggered. But it is good to know it will happen then anyway.

Download and play the Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee slot game today

This game plays out much the same as the original. Of course, the guaranteed trigger of the free games upon the 150th spin is an extra element to tip us in favor of this one over the original. It does mean you need to play that many spins to be sure of playing it though, so watch your budget first. This feature won’t appeal to everyone. If you are ready to try it, will it appeal to you?