Field of Green 2 Slots

If you recall the first Field of Green slot game, you may recall it covered the topic of American football. We have seen several slots based around this sport before, so how does this one measure up? Is it better or worse than the original? Worth playing, do we think? Let’s get the answers to all those questions now.

Reels and win lines

This part of the game won’t show you anything you haven’t seen before. With five reels in play and 20 lines to bet on, this is a nice format.

Coin values

If you want to wager something between one cent and $5 per line, you can do so in this game.

Special icons in Field of Green 2

You can play each spin and hope for a wild to appear on the reels. There is one in play and you can use it to help snag a few wins you may have missed out on without it.

The scatter can also be useful if it appears during play. You must get a certain number to qualify for a prize, but it doesn’t matter where you find them. Just get enough of them and a scatter prize will be yours. It is one of the nice features of the Field of Green 2 slot game.

Bonuses to hunt for

There is just one bonus to look for as you play this slot. However, we suspect most players will be happy if it appears during play. It is a great game to try because if you find three or more scatters on the reels you will manage to get some free games to play. The regular prizes are available in these games, but you do not need to wager anything to get them. So, how many free games will you win and what will your total winnings be from those spins?

Download and play the Field of Green 2 slot game today

This is a nice slot to play for fans of American football. We think it ranks alongside the first slot on this theme – there isn’t much to choose between them as they are both very good. Will you manage to make a success of it and garner some wins from the reels? Play today and find out how successful you could be at the slot version of this famous sport.