Burnley Fever Slots

Let Burnley Fever Slots take you to the football stadium where you will play exhilarating reel spinning matches that bring along lucrative win opportunities and cheers from the crowd. This is a slot machine title that is developed by Realtime Gaming (also known as RTG). It presents you with a game setup of five reels and three rows on which you need to place successful symbol combinations with themed (special feature triggering) icons like the mascot, the golden trophy, the ball, the scarf, and the referee. Make sure you place the right symbol combinations on the 50 active win lines and you will be well on your way to score big and earn the love of the football fans.

Spin and Kick the Wild Ball into Triple Win Triggering Combinations

The ball wild/substitute symbol acts as a stick of wilds on slot reels one and five during standard game rounds. This reel attribute replaces other symbols in combinations. The only icon it cannot replace is the mascot scatter symbol. When you land a ball into a win triggering symbol combination, you will see a tripled reward coming your way.

The Scatter Mascot Will Bring You Good Luck and Plenty of Free Spins

A football game cannot be without its mascot and a slot title cannot be without its special feature trigging scatter icon. How great is it then that this game has a scatter logo that is actually a mascot symbol. Even greater is the fact that this mascot scatter grants you 8 free spins if you land it on the reels 3 times during a spin, 10 to 25 free spins if instead you land it 4 times, or even 50 to 100 free games if you are lucky enough to make a spin with 5 scatters.

Choose Between the Burnley and Lucky Game Play Modes

There are two game play modes in which you can play Burnley Fever Slots. The first one is the Burnley mode, and the second one is the Lucky mode. Each of these two special features comes with their own special benefits. In the Burnley game play mode, it is the mascot scatter that triggers free games. This is the scatter feature as described above. Free spins come with the benefit of tripled win multipliers.

When the Lucky game play mode is active, you have a chance of receiving eight free spins whenever a standard game ends. In this mode, you will not receive any win multiplier benefits while you're playing with free spins. It is up to you to decide which of these two mentioned game play modes provide you with the most benefits.

Make Your Biggest Scores in the Penalty Kick Feature

While being in free spins mode, which is a feature you can re-trigger during the feature, you also have a chance to launch the special penalty kick round. The way to trigger the penalty kick feature is by landing a bonus ball symbol on every reel during a free spin. Besides the regular bonus ball, there is also a gold bonus ball, which comes in to play when you miss two penalty kicks or score eight of them. When you make a penalty goal with the gold bonus ball, you will triple your reward and also receive an extra kick. A second goal will make sure that you receive another tripled reward. The more goals you are able to make, the higher your base win multiplier reward will become.

Let the Progressive Jackpots Wins Be Your Ultimate Goal

Progressive jackpots are the kind of rewards that are built up by players who place real money wagers on Burnley Fever Slots. A small percentage of these wagers goes into the progressive jackpot. That jackpot then increases in value overtime until it randomly drops at the conclusion of a spinning round. There are actually two progressive jackpot types in this game, which both come with a different maximum payout limit. You can win a minor progressive jackpot reward or a major jackpot reward. The chance to win such lucrative rewards at any moment makes it extra motivation to spin the reels of this lucrative slot machine title.

Become a Money Making Match Winner with Burnley Fever Slots

If you are in for a thrilling virtual football match in which you can make big money winning scores, then head over to Realtime Gaming software providing casino websites right away. It is at these online casino platforms that you can play the feature packed, sports themed Burnley Fever Slots for free and/or with real money wagers.