The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom Slots

Fans of The Three Stooges might already have played a slot game based on their relationships and success. Now, you also get the chance to play The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom. This has a few changes from the original, so it provides some nice alternative features and elements to look for.

Shemp, Moe, and Larry are waiting (yep, no Curly here), so let's see what they are going to get up to in this game.

Reels and win lines

With five reels in play, the last quantity of lines you'd expect would be 33 of them. But that is what you get if you play this game.

Coin values

You can only play a single coin on each line. However, there is some variety involved, with coins ranging from a cent to a dollar a time.

Special icons in The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom

The game logo makes appearances on the reels, cropping up as a grouped wild icon. If you manage to find five appearing on the same paid line, 3,333 coins would be yours. The game also features wacky wilds to make things more interesting!

Since the game is about a wedding, you won't be surprised to see there are two wedding rings appearing on another symbol. This is the scatter.

Bonuses to hunt for

The Three Stooges all appear on their own symbols in this game. If you manage to find all three over reels two, three, and four, you will trigger the Stooge Pick bonus. Some symbols will appear and you must pick from them until the two halves of a broken heart are revealed.

It is also good to find three wilds over one of the middle reels of the game. This will trigger some respins. If you manage to go further and unlock the Lucky Stooge Spins, you will secure a minimum of nine free spins and as many as 33 of them. Watch each spin closely to see if you can manage this.

Finally, all wild wins during the free spins you have won will bring a 3x multiplier into play.

Download and play The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom slot game today

This game packs in plenty of fun even for those who aren't familiar with The Three Stooges. It's not necessary to be a fan, although we'd certainly say it does help.