Year of Fortune Slots

Year of Fortune Slots
Everyone hopes for a year of good fortune ahead. The mention of this slot game title gives the game away about the theme though – at least, we think it does. We are looking at a slot based on the Chinese zodiac here, so if you know a little about that you can guess what might be in store for you. Let’s look more closely at the Year of Fortune slot now.

Reels and win lines

Five reels will present themselves to you when the game begins. Prizes can land on up to 25 lines as well.

Coin values

Want to wager a cent on every line? That is a possibility, along with other betting amounts worth up to $5 per line.

Special icons in Year of Fortune

Can you find a golden ox on these reels? If so, it will appear on the middle three and will behave as a wild icon. It also brings along a 2x multiplier to be applied to all wild-won prizes.

Since the Year of the Ox was beginning when the game came out, it makes sense you would see that symbol as a scatter. Three or more of these are good to find for reasons we will share shortly.

There is a jackpot to be won in this game as well. The secret to winning this is to find the God of Wealth himself…. But he must appear in every spot on a paid line for you to win it.

Bonuses to hunt for

Three scatters are required to unlock eight free games. Will the number eight be lucky for you? It is said to bring good fortune, and you do get the chance to play on 88 paylines when you reach this part of the Year of Fortune slot game.

If you can find a further three scatters as you play, another eight games are added on as well.

Download and play the Year of Fortune slot game today

We cannot think of that many slot games that increase the payline quantity during a free spins feature. That alone makes the Year of Fortune slot very appealing and worth playing if you can. The imagery suits the theme very nicely, with lots of great elements involved.

If this game proves to be a winner for you, you might well remember your year of good fortune as you played this game.