IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 doesn’t provide too many clues to what might be waiting for us in this slot game. We couldn’t guess the answer either, as it turns out the game is based on an acronym. IRIS means Interactive Real Intelligence Slot… and even that doesn’t reveal much. We can promise this slot is unlike anything else you’ve played though, which is great news if you like something different.

Reels and win lines

There are seven reels in this game… but just one payline. Yes, you will only see one icon appearing on each reel.

Coin values

This part of the game is unusual. To play, you must buy $5 in coinage before you begin. You can then play between one and three coins per spin, with each coin worth 50 cents.

Special icons in IRIS 3000

Each reel starts off looking like a door. Before you begin play, you must select five out of seven doors. There are assorted icons that might appear behind those doors, but you should watch out for the familiar yellow hazard sign. The more of these you get, the bigger the resulting prize could be. Several other icons might also deliver prizes though, so watch out for those.

We have yet to mention a wild here, and that is because there isn’t one in play. There is no scatter either.

Bonuses to hunt for

There are no special features to look out for in this slot game. That is a shame, but it does offer a different take on a slot by maximizing the number of reels and minimizing the paylines to just one.

Download and play the IRIS 3000 slot game today

Does this game appeal to you? If you enjoy playing something different, it could well be appealing. While it only has the one payline in play, the presence of lots of reels makes for a different experience. You also get the chance to enjoy a different take by selecting which reels to reveal what is behind the door as you play. That can prolong each bet, as you don’t simply press the spin button each time.

IRIS 3000 has tried something quirky and we enjoy playing it for that reason alone. It is hard to imagine it would be suitable for a long period of play though. Perhaps just for a short while instead.