Trigger Happy Slots

Trigger Happy Slots
Trigger Happy Slots is a fitting name for the cowboy and Wild West themed slot machine title from Realtime Gaming, because it lets you happily trigger your way to amazing wins during fun spinning experiences. This 30 payline, 5 reel, and 3 row casino game packs a punch when it comes to profit making features. Read on to learn more about what it has in store for you when you start to spin the Trigger Happy Slots reels.

Make Wild Wins with the Cowgirls

This game introduces you to the redhead cowgirl and the blonde cowgirl. The redhead cowgirl functions as a grouped wild on slot reels one and two. She is able to replace any symbol in a combination that is not a scatter. The blonde cowgirl acts as a grouped wild on slot reels four and five. She also is able to replace any reel attribute in a combination as long as that symbol is not a sheriff badge scatter.

Sheriff Badge Scatters Trigger Beneficial Free Spins Rewards

You receive seven Trigger Happy Slots free spins when you spin a minimum of three sheriff badge scatters randomly on the reels during a normal game round. You can pick either the blonde cowgirl or the redhead cowgirl to double your wins while free spins are active. Five more free spins will come your way when you spin at least three more scatter icons on the reels while free games are active.

The Redhead and Blonde Cowgirl Features Offer Special Benefits

Besides the already mentioned features, you also have a chance to trigger the redhead and blonde cowgirl features. Both features come in two forms. The redhead cowgirl counts for sheriff badge scatters while free spins are activated (only once per slot reel), or she covers slot reel one while you play a free game. The blonde cowgirl takes position on slot reel five during free spins, or she takes position on slot reels four and five while you play Trigger Happy Slots free games.

Benefit from the Lucky Feature

While playing normal spinning rounds, you have a chance to randomly trigger the lucky feature. This feature either starts the lucky games or the trigger happy feature. Five to ten free spins are rewarded when the lucky game is activated. You can launch the trigger happy feature while playing the lucky games round.

Win a Bankroll Boosting Progressive Jackpot Reward

Besides a whole lot of special features, this game also has progressive jackpot rewards on offer. These rewards can be won at the end of every spinning round. They are triggered at random, and when that happens during your game, you will be handed out a reward that is built up out of wager contribution percentages from players who have made real money bets on Trigger Happy Slots.

Explore New Frontiers in Search of Riches

Are you ready for a Wild West spinning adventure that is brought to you by Trigger Happy Slots? This game is available as a free version and as a real money version at various online casino websites that have the slot machine products from Realtime Gaming in their player entertainment portfolios. Let this game and those casino platforms be your new frontiers, and explore all the riches that they have to offer.