T-Rex Slots

Thankfully, no one nowadays needs to worry about coming face to face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This was the biggest and most ferocious dinosaur of all. It would see you as breakfast, that’s for sure.

However, while you can stand underneath a skeleton or model of one in many museums around the world, it has also inspired a few good slot games. We will meet it here too in the T-Rex slot, so will it be friend or foe?

Reels and win lines

There are five reels ready to spin if you decide to play this game. If you want to, you can wager on 25 paylines too.

Coin values

There is a familiar range of coins on offer here, going from a penny to $5 a time.

Special icons in T-Rex

You won’t be surprised to see the dinosaur itself appearing as a wild icon. What else could it be? It doesn’t appear everywhere though – only on the third reel of the slot. Whenever it helps you get a prize, it will apply a 2x multiplier to the amount won.

The reels might also show you some dinosaur eggs. We guess there are baby T-Rexes in those. The eggs always act as scatter symbols, anyway.

Bonuses to hunt for

Find three, four, or five dinosaur eggs and you will be asked to crack each one open. Don’t worry, though – you won’t find dinosaurs in there. Instead, each egg will contain some free games. There is a chance to win up to 10 games from each egg you crack open. So… find five eggs and get lucky and you could win 50 free spins!

The wild T-Rex appears on the third reel in these spins as well. However, it does get nasty. Whenever other dinosaurs appear in the same spin, it gobbles them up. Nice! Well, actually, yes… it is nice for you, because the devoured dinosaurs then become wild T-Rexes, so you could win more from this than you might think.

Download and play the T-Rex slot game today

This is a game where the trigger for the free spins is more interesting than normal. The wildly munching T-Rex is also nice to see during those spins, as you will look to see wilds appearing on other reels as well. How many games can you win… and how many prizes will you get from them?