Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Not the emotional and physical change many people experience, not in this case anyway, but the slot game instead! Yes, there is a slot game based on having a midlife crisis, and while it deals with what is arguably a dramatic theme, it sure does offer some fun and games to enjoy. Let’s see what is involved once the game has loaded.

Reels and win lines

Five reels are provided to spin here, but we get just nine lines to place our bets on.

Coin values

This isn’t as affordable a game as you might think, given we’ve got just nine lines in action. You can only play a quarter per line here, amounting to a bet of $2.25 per spin to cover every line. The game includes a progressive jackpot, and that bet means the pot grows bigger far more quickly.

Special icons in Mid-Life Crisis

You shouldn’t expect to see a wild in the game because there isn’t one. However, the scatter is in play – three times over!

The first scatter is a gold chain, while the second shows us a man going bald. Finally, we also get a toupee. Can you see where this game is going?!

Bonuses to hunt for

The bonus feature gives you an opportunity to win up to 350 credits. To get there, you must find one of each of the three different scatters in a spin on the base game reels. The bonus will then automatically begin.

You will also spot some women on the reels of this game though. The next challenge is to see if you can find one with each hair color – blonde, redhead, and brunette. When this occurs, the Pick Your Poison bonus feature begins. Choose your poison in this round and try and help the guy who is having that midlife crisis. The most you can hope for here is a massive 4,000 coins. How close to that big win will you get?

Download and play the Mid-Life Crisis slot game today

We cannot think of another slot game based on this kooky theme. It works well though, and while there are no free spins here you do get two bonuses to try for. Will you manage to navigate this Mid Life Crisis to find the best outcome? We guess that is what we are all trying to do, right?