Texan Tycoon Slots

He is mentioned in the title, so you would think the guy himself would show up in this slot, wouldn’t you? The tycoon plays an important role here, and you might just guess what that could be. This is the man who owns the oilfield you will see as the reels load ready to play. But what else can you find in this slot, and will the tycoon bring you some riches to enjoy too?

Reels and win lines

The format here is one you will have seen before. There are five reels and you get 25 lines to place some bets on too.

Coin values

One cent is good enough to get started with on each line. The highest line bet you can go to is $5.

Special icons in Texan Tycoon

We did say the Texan tycoon had a vital role to play, and that is as the wild symbol. He doesn’t appear everywhere though – only on reel three. The good news is that whenever he contributes to a prize, he’ll decide the value of the multiplier that prize will receive. It will be at least 2x, but you might be lucky and go way higher to reach 10x.

The game also gives us the chance to see an oil well. Whenever this appears, it behaves as a scatter symbol. Find enough of those anywhere and a scatter prize will be yours.

Bonuses to hunt for

How many oil wells can you locate? Find three of them and you get to pick one. It will then show you a number. That number indicates how many free spins you have just won.

Every prize claimed in those free spins is worth 3x its normal value. That is good to know, especially since you never know how many or how few free games you might win until you get this far.

Download and play the Texan Tycoon slot game today

Oil has always seemed a strange choice of theme for a slot game. However, when you play this game, you will see how good it can be. It does tell of riches, of course, and that does fit well when you are playing a slot game.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy playing for lots of prizes when you meet the Texan Tycoon. We wonder how generous he will be feeling today?