King of Swing Slots

Swing can mean many things. For example, it is a type of music, as well as referring to swinging a bat at a ball, among other things. Turns out this slot game is based on the latter, seeing as the theme here is baseball. It’s not vital to be a baseball fan to try this game, as no knowledge of it is required. We cannot help but think it was created for fans to enjoy though. Will it provide enough for you to enjoy? Let’s find out.

Reels and win lines

While there are more unusual elements in play in this game, the format is as familiar as it gets. Five reels, 25 lines, and lots of opportunities to find winning lines.

Coin values

This game is good to play as a penny slot. However, there are other coins you could try wagering, including the top value of five dollars.

Special icons in King of Swing

The game’s substitute is the pitcher in the baseball game. He will appear on the first four reels but never on the fifth one. You can, however, find another wild on the fifth reel, this time in the guise of a batter.

The baseball used in the game also has a role to play, this time as the scatter. It even looks afraid of being hit, which we guess makes sense! It’s a quirky addition to the game.

Bonuses to hunt for

Not many slots feature two wilds. Since this one does, it makes sense you would need to find one of each to trigger a bonus. In this instance, the bonus includes free games, but you must first test your baseball skills. You get nine pitches if you are good, but three strikes and you’re out.

Regardless of how many free games you end up winning, you will always get a 2x multiplier applied to everything you win in those games.

Download and play the King of Swing slot game today

We love the fact the bonus includes a real shot at some baseball here. It makes sense given the theme, and it is a delightful addition to what could very easily have been a formulaic game. If you want to try your skills and see if you are any good at baseball, this is an easy way to do it. See if you could be the King of Swing today.