It's Good to be Bad Slots

Life has always been telling us it is bad to be good. Well, the Real Time Gaming slots game It's Good to Be Bad offers exactly the opposite advice telling us it is bad to be good. With three reels and one payline, players can enjoy this game through any online computer or laptop or via any smart mobile device. Access is instant, and players can try out the game in fun mode before placing real money bets.

Three Reels, One Payline, Three Coins

It's Good to be Bad Slots gives players instant access and allows fun for as long as the player needs. A progressive jackpot constantly grows with every real money bet placed. Betting options enable the player to place up to $15 per spin and use a selection of coins ranging from $0.01 to $5 with one, two, or three coins per bet.

How to Lose and Win

The highest payout is given for landing three of the red seven symbols on the screen. With a one-coin bet, the player wins 200 coins. A two-coin bet yields 400 coins, and a three-coin bet yields 600 coins for the player. The big fun comes when the player loses continuously. Losses are charted at the side of the screen on the loss meter. Four losses in a row give the player a free spin. Ten losses in a row give the player 45 free spins, and twenty-nine losses in a row award the player with the progressive jackpot. If the player earns a payout during his losses, the loss meter is reset. Losing when playing It's Good to Be Bad Slots is the only way to win.