The Shark Slots

But is that a good or a bad thing? Sharks can kill, after all, and we wouldn’t go swimming anywhere where a shark could appear. But since we are playing a slot game called The Shark, we guess we are not in too much danger. We’ve played slots where the shark has come in very useful indeed, so perhaps the same will be true of this one.

RTG is behind this slot, with some excellent graphics and icons to look for as you play. But will it deliver on the fright factor?

Reels and win lines

With five reels introducing themselves as the game loads, you might expect there to be lots of paylines in action. However, you will only find nine of them in play here.

Coin values

Just one coin is provided here, and it’s worth a dollar. That means this game may be out of reach for some. You do get the option to play up to five coins on each line.

Special icons in The Shark

There are two scatter icons present in this game. No wild? No… although the shark does behave as one of the scatters. The other one is shown as a treasure chest. Each scatter is connected to a bonus, more of which is below.

Bonuses to hunt for

If you find three sharks on the reels in a single spin, you will be shown a card game. The idea is to go higher or lower than the first card shown. Get it right and you’re shown another card. Get it wrong and you end the game. The further you go, the higher the end prize will be. If you manage to go all the way, your prize would amount to 2,700 coins.

If you find three treasure chests in one spin, you will get to win whatever is inside one of them. Just one will open to reveal your prize. There is a maximum of 495 coins up for grabs in this feature. Quick, simple, and potentially very profitable too.

Download and play The Shark slot game today

The Shark doesn’t play out the way you might think it would. With no shark wild in action, it’s all down to those scatters to trigger the bonuses. We didn’t miss the free spins though, which we guess is confirmation of how appealing the game is to play.