High Fashion Slots

Granted, we don’t know much at all about this section of the fashion industry. If you’re nodding in agreement, don’t worry. There is no need to know anything about it at all to enjoy taking this slot game for a spin.

There are few other games out there that are based around similar topics, so the High Fashion slot represents something different to enjoy. Will it represent some engaging slot game play for us?

Reels and win lines

You’ll no doubt have seen this format before. It offers five reels and 25 paylines.

Coin values

Bets are at the smaller end of the scale here, ranging from a cent to 25 cents on each line.

Special icons in High Fashion

A male model appears on the reels as a wild here. You also get a female model behaving in the same way. Two wilds mean double the fun in our opinion! Any wild contributing to a win will mean the prize is doubled as well.

A runway can also appear in this game, marked as a scatter icon. You can expect a good mix of standard symbols relating to this theme to appear as well.

Bonuses to hunt for

If the male model appears on the first reel and the female appears on the fifth, you will win five free spins. The same occurs if they appear the other way around. If this occurs once more in the free games, you will win more. More wild models appear during the spins too, which means there is a greater chance of wild wins and of winning more freebies. They also appear on the center reel, so there is a chance you could remain in the free spins feature for quite a while.

Download and play the High Fashion slot game today

This slot comes packed with more features than you may at first have thought. Even if the theme isn’t captivating for you, looking for the wild models certainly keeps you focused on what is happening.

With that unusual free spins feature to look for, not to mention the chance to find lots more spins as you play, you never know how long you might get to play paying spins for free. How many real prizes could you end up winning if you made it to this part of the High Fashion slot game?