Frog Fortunes Slots

Realtime Gaming puts out loads of slot games each year, but some stand out more than others. Frog Fortunes is one of the games that jumped out to us because of its styling and some unique features. We knew we wanted to review this game, and we weren't disappointed when we began digging into its features. For more information about this game, read through our complete review below. We look at the features that make this game unique and more.

Made by Realtime Gaming

This slot, like many others, was created by Realtime Gaming. It showcases beautiful graphics, cool features, and it's simple to use. The game was clearly designed by experts, and it's just one of many others in the RTG game library, which means you'll have lots of games to choose from at the selected casino. That's good news for serious gamblers that like to switch from one game to the next frequently.

Frog Fortunes is a Video Slot

This game is clearly a video slot with modern features that classic slots don't offer. It doesn't have paylines and pays in clusters instead. The slot also has some cool features that make it more exciting and dynamic than other slot games are. It's this mix of features that sets this slot apart as a video slot.

A Mysterious Theme

This slot showcases a mix of ancient-looking symbols, an animated frog, and a lush forest environment. It reminds us of an ancient culture and is nicely designed overall. If you want to feel like an explorer learning about a new culture, this slot will give you that feel as you spin the reels.

No Paylines and Limited Wagers

This slot doesn't have any paylines at all and instead pays out using a 243-ways wins system. There are all sorts of clusters you can try for as you spin the reels of this game. Because of this, setting wagers is simple to do. The wagering system acts as if there are 25 fixed paylines. You must wager a minimum of $0.25 per spin, and the maximum wager amount adjusts up to $6.25 per spin. This wager range will be suitable for most low-stakes players except for the gamblers that want to place tiny wagers to stretch their bankroll further. Mid-level and high-stakes players will want to avoid this slot in favor of something with higher betting limits.

A Low Value Paytable

The paytable used for this slot isn't going to get anyone excited. With a top prize payout of just 150 coins, you'll be paying for combinations of wins rather than single big wins. If you're a gambler that likes winning, even if those wins are smaller in size, you can still enjoy your time at this online slot and will have plenty of wins to enjoy during your time playing.

A Simple Autospin Feature

This slot comes equipped with an auto spin feature that allows you to set the game to automatically complete between 5 and 100 spins on its own. To use the feature, press the button and choose the spin count you want. The slot will immediately begin spinning for the amount set or until you press the stop button that appears.

Bomb Symbols Keep the Game Going

There are exploding bomb symbols that show up on the reels of this slot often. These special symbols explode on the same round they appear and convert between one and seven symbols into a matching character that's chosen at random. These explosions can create some decisive wins, but they don't always result in a win either. The bombs show up often and help add a more dynamic feel to this slot game as you spin.

Win More with Cascades

The unique bomb symbols are the only symbols that can trigger the cascade feature. The symbols explode and create new symbols to help players win. If the explosions result in a win, the win gets removed, and new symbols drop down into position instead. The new symbols sometimes create even more wins, which is the power of the cascade effect of this slot.

Small but Frequent Winners

After a quick glance at the paytable for this slot, you'll see that big wins aren't going to happen. The prize payouts are small, even if you're wagering the maximum amount per spin. That doesn't mean you can't win well during a play session, though. Wins occur often, and it's possible to get multiple wins on the same spin. You'll be playing for a chain of victories that leave you with more money than you started while wagering on this slot.

Try this Slot Free

While this slot is fun to play using real money, it's not necessary for you to risk your bankroll when testing it out. You can swap it to Demo mode and play with a play money balance. When you do this, the slot works the same, but you won't be able to win any actual money as you play. The prize payouts are in play money, which means that you'll be spinning for fun and nothing more. This is still an ideal way to get used to the slot before swapping to real money play.

Easily Switch to Real Money Wagering

After you're comfortable with the game, you should change to real money play to try for actual prize payouts. Swapping to real money play is simple if you have a funded casino account already. Choose to play for real and start wagering with your cash. You'll enjoy the chance to win real prize payouts and will become more immersed in the slot when playing with your actual money.

A Low Value Return

The RTP, which is known as the return to player value of a slot game, lets you know how much money you should win in relation to the amount you wager. The higher the percentage is, the better your chances are of breaking even or even winning extra money. This slot has a poor value of just 92.31%, which is lower than most other modern slot games we've tested. With other slots offering values as high as 96% and some even higher, this game looks like a low value when compared to most other games.

Designed for Mobile

This modern slot game is made to work on most mobile devices, which means you don't have to play it on your computer in one room of your home. Load the game on your smartphone or tablet and take it with you wherever you have internet access. The slot works smoothly on mobile and is comfortable to play even on a smaller screen. This is good news for the gamblers that value their freedom and mobility, and it means you don't even need a computer to enjoy this game if you don't have one.

Rating the Game

We tested this slot thoroughly and decided to give it an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5.0 stars. It's a fun game with a few cool features, but the payouts are just too small, and there aren't enough extra bonuses to make up for the small wins. It's fun winning so frequently, but when the prizes are so small, the game isn't exciting enough for us.

After completing this slot review, we can honestly say that some gamblers will love the game, and others will hate it. If you look forward to bonus features like free spins and other more standard bonuses, you may be disappointed by this game. If you would like to win during most play sessions, and you don't mind small wins, this game keeps going with explosions and symbol cascades the entire time you play. You'll always have another blast to look forward to, and it feels very dynamic. Try it for yourself, and it could be a game learn to love.