Kung Fu Rooster Slots

You don’t see too many roosters cropping up in slot games, do you? That said, you will occasionally see them in slots based around the Chinese New Year. That’s the theme in store for us in this game from RTG, and the rooster is the main attraction here.

We know the rooster is one of the animals in the New Year collection in China, so we can guess there are some interesting elements to come. Are you ready?

Reels and win lines

There are five reels in store for us in this game. However, you get fewer lines than you may have guessed. It’s appropriate though, as there are 12 of them.

Coin values

A penny slot is always fun to play, and this one can be approached in that way. At the opposite end of the affordability scale, the biggest coin is a quarter, so even that is quite low.

Special icons in Kung Fu Rooster

Would you be amazed if we told you the rooster was going to be the substitute in this game? We doubt it. Everything else that appears, except for the monkey, is good for being replaced by that rooster. As you might suppose, the monkey is used as a scatter symbol. It’s also one of the other animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Bonuses to hunt for

If you manage to locate three monkeys over the reels in one spin, you can win some free games. Find as many as you can to win up to 25 free spins. The scatter will be absent from those games, so there is no chance to win more of them.

As you begin play, your free games multiplier is set at 1x. Disappointing, perhaps? No, because each win you manage to trigger will increase the multiplier via the Fire Claw feature. Let’s say you won three prizes across the first three free spins. This would mean your third spin would bring you a 3x multiplier to enjoy. And on it goes until you run out of spins.

Download and play the Kung Fu Rooster slot game today

If you thought this was another standard Chinese New Year slot, you can see it has some interesting twists to it. Will you manage to trigger a bigger multiplier during the free spins feature? We hope you do, and let’s also hope that rooster brings you good luck.