Food Fight Slots

Relax – there is no need to put on old clothes to play this slot game, despite its food theme. This slot game is packed with food though, and the title tells you everything about what might ensue once you start playing. However, if you think you might get hungry as you play, grab a snack and a drink and see if the game offers enough to tempt you into spinning the reels.

Reels and win lines

This game offers just nine paylines to bet on, even though it has five reels in play.

Coin values

Nine lines makes this an affordable slot to play, especially when you realize one cent is the lowest coin value in action. The game also provides you with a dollar coin as the richest option to choose.

Special icons in Food Fight

If you are expecting a wild piece of food, you will be disappointed. Food Fight slots have not provided us with one of those. However, there are some scatters appearing on the reels of this game.

Yes, we said scatters in plural because this game awards its scatter prizes in a different manner to how they usually work. Instead of finding three or more identical symbols to win, you must find all three components of an ice cream. Look out for three scatters to make it happen – the ice cream cone, the ice cream itself, and the cherry to top it off with.

Bonuses to hunt for

If you want to access the bonus feature in Food Fight, you must create a cherry pie. Just as the ice cream needs three ingredients, so does this one. Look for a pie dish, the pie itself, and the cherry. This game does love those cherries!

The completed pie gives you the chance to throw it at someone. Well, this is all about a food fight, right? Aim carefully because you must hit your target to win a prize. There is a chance to win up to 3,960 coins here, so select a target, throw a pie, and see what happens.

Download and play the Food Fight slot game today

Food Fight is a simple yet effective game. The graphics are not the best as this is an older entry into the collection from RTG. That said, it is still great fun to play and ranks as a more unusual slot game too.