Dirty Martini Slots

We can’t think of too many slot games that are based on alcoholic drinks. We’ve got one here though, in the guise of the Dirty Martini slot. As you might guess, those drinks do appear on the reels, but there are other tipples to watch out for as well. Beer, wine, and other treats might make appearances as you start to spin.

So, we’d recommend you grab a soft drink to enjoy while you play this one. No sense spending your slot game budget on alcohol when the Dirty Martini slot has plenty of it to go around anyway!

Reels and win lines

Five reels give us a total of 20 paylines to bet on – nothing too unusual this time.

Coin values

While you can wager up to $5 per line in this game, it’s possible to head for the cheapest coin of all on each one – a cent.

Special icons in Dirty Martini

If you’re going to mix a martini, you’ll need a martini shaker, right? That’s also required to get a wild win in this game, as the icon appears as a wild. All wild prizes are doubled from their usual amounts, so they are good to get.

The scatter might seem a strange choice of symbol because it pops up as a coin. Mind you, we guess you’d need to pay for all these drinks, right? Either way, the coin can trigger a scatter prize that grows the more of them you find.

Bonuses to hunt for

Find three coins in one spin of the base game and you will receive 15 free spins. All prizes are boosted by three times their typical values here, so it could be a productive round to play. You will also get the help of the wild martini shaker, although there are no other bonus elements to unlock. Make sure you check out the options in this game today if you can.

Download and play the Dirty Martini slot game today

This is an enjoyable game although it may become a little basic if you decide to play it for a long period. Enjoyed for shorter bursts though, the Dirty Martini slot does pack in some entertaining elements. Watch for the coins and the shakers, as these are the two most important symbols to help you towards some better prizes in the game.