Ape King Slots

Ape King looks like a dull slot game on the surface, but it's not too bad of a slot game once you get to know it. We created a full review of this slot game based on several test play sessions. To learn what makes this slot stand out, and why you might want to play it for yourself, read through the full review down below. It doesn't look that impressive at first glance, but the bonuses can help make up for that.

A Simple and Clean Design

Ape King doesn't make things overly complicated as some slot games do. The game has just a few different buttons for you to worry about when spinning the reels and adjusting the game's settings. There aren't very many unique looking symbols either, which can be a bad thing if you're looking for a game that's going to stand out visually. We didn't mind the dull appearance of this slut while playing it though, because it offers enough in the way of bonuses to make up for it.

30 Fixed Paylines

There are a total of 30 paylines, and they're all locked at the on position so you are forced to wager on all 30 lines with each spin of the reels that you make. This is a big deal because it means that wagering is simpler and that players are more limited in the money that they can bet while playing this game.

High and Low Wagering

Despite the fact that the game features 30 always-on paylines, it's possible to bet low and high amounts of money with each spin you make. The lowest wager possible is locked at $0.30 per spin, which is low enough for most gamblers to be comfortable with. The maximum wager amount goes all the way up to $150.00 per spin, which should satisfy all but the wealthiest high-rollers out there. Overall, the game offers good wagering variety to its players.

Adjust Your Speed

There are two different spin speeds available with this game, allowing you to go fast or slow depending on your play style. To adjust the speed just click on the thunderbolt symbol. Two thunderbolts is for fast and a single thunderbolt is the slow speed.

The Scatter is a Wild Too

The vase filled with gold is the scatter symbol and also the tool that unlocks the free spin bonus round of this slot game. This symbol is a wild as well, but only a limited wild. It will take the place of the high-paying gorilla symbol during the standard rounds of the game. The symbol will take the place of all the different symbols during the free spin bonus feature, which helps players get more wins.

Modest Prize Payouts

With a quick glance at the paytable for this slot game, you'll immediately notice that the prize payouts aren't all that impressive. If you spin the reels of this slot you shouldn't expect to get rich. Instead, you can win up to 2,500 coins with the most valuable prize payout. Of course, it's possible to win a combination of prizes on a single spin, and many players do exactly this. If you're lucky enough you could win several prize payouts from the same spin and get a much larger prize payout, but small payouts are given out much more consistently.

A Powerful Free Spin Feature

Getting four or more of the golden pot symbols is all it takes to trigger the free spin bonus round. It's also important to note that this bonus feature can trigger at random at the conclusion of any standard reel spin. During this bonus round all the high-paying symbols show up at the top of the reels and they each have a different value to let you know what they are worth. Getting the high-paying Gorilla symbol during the free spin round will trigger the Jungle Battle feature for more ways to win extra bonus cash.

Win More with Jungle Battle

Once this special feature is initialized the free spin bonus round continues until the feature is concluded. Each Gorilla symbol will remove one of the other high-paying symbols completely. The high-paying symbols will win the battle if their total ever reaches higher than 16. Some lucky players will get to enjoy the wins from this feature for many turns as the battle is fought and this is where the biggest wins come from.

Try the Slot Free

Testing out a new slot for the first time can be intimidating, especially when real money is at risk. That's why it's nice being able to play this game in demo mode. Without spending any money at all, new gamblers can load up this slot and try out all its features. The game runs just like it would during normal gameplay, the only difference is that prize wins aren't paid in real money.

Play on Mobile Devices

Most gamblers want to be able to bring their favorite games with them on the go so that they can keep the fun alive while away from the computer screen. This is convenient to do when playing this slot game because it's been optimized for mobile. That means that interested gamblers can easily load up the game on a smartphone or a tablet and play the slot right in the web browser. There is no app to download to experience this slot.

Even though some gamblers won't like what this slot game has to offer, there are quite a few features worth playing for. With 30 always-on paylines to work with you should get payouts frequently. The game doesn't pay out huge amounts of money, but it's common to get nice combinations of prize payouts by playing this slot. It's also a lot of fun if you're lucky enough to trigger the free spin bonus. Try it for yourself and you'll quickly see, you can even play for free if you like!