Super Diamond Mine Slots

Hmm, do we think there could be diamonds popping up on the reels of this game? You may not be able to win any real ones, but you would expect to see some diamonds appearing to help you win coin prizes. We do get that theme here too, so if you want to play a game that sparkles, this is the one to try. We can also confirm RTG created it, so if you like their games, this one could be good to check out too.

Reels and win lines

Five reels give you a chance to get lots of icons spinning into view with each spin. You only get nine paylines in play though.

Coin values

One cent per line is good enough to start with. If you want to go higher, you can get up to $5 per line if you like. Higher still means betting up to five coins per line.

Special icons in Super Diamond Mine

There isn’t a substitute icon in this slot, so if you were expecting a wild diamond, we must disappoint you. That said, you will get some benefit from the diamonds.

Watch closely whenever a diamond does appear, because it might appear pointing up or down. The ones pointing up will cause another diamond to appear above them. If they point down, they’ll do the same underneath. Anything you find in this manner will be collected, as shown in the on-screen meter.

Bonuses to hunt for

So, why are you collecting diamonds? Well, once 99 are collected in the meter, you will be taken to a second screen. There are several mines here and you must send your miner into just one of them. You must hope it doesn’t cave in on him, because if it does it is game over. If he makes it out, you can send him into another one. The more mines he explores before one decides to collapse on him, the more you will win. There are 4,950 coins up for grabs here.

Download and play the Super Diamond Mine slot game today

This is one diamond mine you will want to explore – except for the bit where another miner goes into the mines for you. Since he will eventually meet his end in there, it is an odd choice for a slot! We’ll assume he is happily tucked in and finding another way out!