Jackpot Pinatas Slots

Everyone is familiar with the humble pinata. Fill it with candy or prizes, hit it with a pole, and see what falls out. It’s a great idea and one that is a popular addition to many parties. So, it was perhaps only a matter of time before a software developer came up with a slot based on that theme. It was worth waiting for as well, judging by the quality of this RTG slot.

Reels and win lines

Lots of RTG games tend to have five reels and adopt 20 lines to play on. This one follows that idea too.

Coin values

As you might guess from the title, this slot game does have a progressive jackpot involved. It also means the minimum bet is higher than usual. You must play a quarter per line to play it. That equates to a $5 spin bet.

Special icons in Jackpot Pinatas

Can you spot the bull-shaped pinata in play? If so, you have spotted the icon that could bring you the entire progressive jackpot. To win it, you must find five bulls on a paid line.

The donkey pinata is important too, as it is used as a substitute. It cannot replace the bull for obvious reasons, and the scattered dog also in play here also cannot be substituted by the donkey. Can you spot the animal theme here?!

Bonuses to hunt for

If you find three dog pinatas on the reels, you will unlock the Pinata Bonus game. Several pinatas are offered here, and you get to select two to hit and smash. There is a prize inside each of them, so your two pinata prizes will be added together and awarded to your balance at the end of the round.

The best you could win from the Pinata Bonus is 200x the bet amount that triggered the round. That would be a cool prize, wouldn’t it? Maybe not as good as the progressive jackpot though!

Download and play the Jackpot Pinatas slot game today

There aren’t any free spins to be had here, although you can enjoy smashing some pinatas if you reach the bonus feature. If you like wagering more than a penny on some online slots, the Jackpot Pinatas game gives you the chance to do just that. The higher bet also means the progressive pot also climbs higher, so that is another perk.