Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit must surely be the most familiar theme for any slot player to name. Even if you are only just finding out more about online slots, you must have encountered a few games based around fruit before.

So, what will a veritable fruit frenzy bring us here? Is this a fruity game with a twist – and not just of lemon? Is there more to this one than meets the eye? Let’s see just how fruity it is.

Reels and win lines

While fruit themes are often restricted to three-reel slot games, this one gives us five reels and 25 paylines.

Coin values

While there are more reels and lines involved here, you can still get underway with a penny on each one. Five dollars per coin is the biggest one you can play with.

Special icons in Fruit Frenzy

The pineapple is a very useful fruit to have around. It appears here as a wild, substituting for most other symbols as it does so. There are two exceptions here, however. Neither of these scatters are fruit – instead they appear as the words FRUIT and FRENZY. These are the usual triggers for some scatter prize wins.

Bonuses to hunt for

How about a Daredevil bonus feature to play? Yes, Fruit Frenzy ramps things up to the next level by including the chance to play a stunt bonus! To trigger this, you must win a prize involving five matching icons on the same line. Do that, and you will be asked to shoot a strawberry through the middle of a rockmelon. Yep. You did read that correctly.

If you manage to fire a strawberry right through, you will win some free spins. The more successful hits you manage, the more spins you win. You will also secure a guaranteed 2x multiplier on your wins from the free games. If any of those wins involve scatters, the multiplier grows to 3x.

Download and play the Fruit Frenzy slot game today

This is a strange game, although we do think finding the two words to form the title should trigger another bonus. We’ve seen it done that way in other slots, after all. With lots of great fruits to look for, and one of the most unusual bonuses we have ever seen, Fruit Frenzy does offer some nice touches – and an odd take on the fruit theme too!