Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch is a simple title for a slot. It tells us the type of theme we can look forward to. The one thing it does not tell us is how unusual this game is compared to the other slots you may have tried in the past.

One thing you can count on is the superb graphics you will get from every game coming out of the RTG stable nowadays. Look out for various fish, including a clown fish and a mighty shark, to appear in the promo image for this game. What comes next might be a surprise though.

Reels and win lines

What would you say if we told you this ‘slot’ didn’t have any reels or paylines? It’s true – it has a more arcade feel to it, so if you like that kind of game, this is your chance to see what RTG’s take on it would be. You will also face three other players, so it provides a virtual take on a game you won’t have tried before.

Coin values

Since the game was developed by Real Time Gaming, we can expect to find numerous coins in play. Just choose one you are happy with and that fits with your budget and you can begin to play.

Special icons in Fish Catch

This game does take us underwater, which means we can expect to enjoy meeting lots of fish. The idea here is to shoot those fish and try to win prizes by doing so. Different fish are worth different sums, so depending on the ones you hit, you could win more in some situations than in others. The best you can hope for is a generous 1,000x your triggering bet.

Bonuses to hunt for

The best part of the game is called the Mermaid’s Wheel. This appears to be a random feature, so you must simply watch out for it to appear. If it does, you could be in for wins worth up to 250x your wager.

With different fish and weapons to choose from before you play, this provides a whole different take on what you’d expect from a slot game.

Download and play the Fish Catch slot game today

This has the potential to be a huge hit… or it could sink without trace. But kudos to RTG for trying something totally different in the gaming world.