Crazy Dragon Slots

Real-Time Gaming produces some ingenious games, with the Crazy Dragon Slots being one of them. This simple slots game with just one payline offers players re-spins and a wild symbol within the three reels of the game. There is no dynamic progressive jackpot, but plenty of winning chances and opportunities are offered in the game and detailed on the on-screen paytable.

Instant Access Online and Mobile

Players can enjoy Crazy Dragon Slots online or through mobile devices. Online players are given instant access through the casino's web browser, or they can download the online casino to their desktop computer. Mobile players can enjoy Crazy Dragon Slots on the move, at home, or even at the office with direct access through the mobile web browser of their device or by accessing and downloading an online casino app suited to their Android, Apple, or Windows device. Players can try out the game whenever they want and when ready to place real money bets, the player can place bets of one, two, or three coins using a set coin size of $1. The maximum bet of $3 yields the maximum payouts. Symbols are colorful and include the Crazy dragon in sections, a bonsai tree, firework, pagoda, koi fish, and the ying-yang symbol.

Up to 3000 Coins in Base Game

Simple Slots such as the Crazy Dragon often offer some of the best payouts. Three of the Koi fish symbols on the payline with a three-coin bet award the player with 3000 coins, a huge payout. A two-coin bet and three of the Koi fish gives players 2000 coins, and a single coin bet gives players 1000 coins. The Ying Yang symbol is wild and can stand in for any other symbols apart from the dragon parts, helping to make a winning line. The dragon parts of the body, head, and tail offer their own special bonus. The head appearing on the payline awards players with two re-spins. When the head appears with the tail, players are given five re-spins. When the head, tail, and body appear together, the player is given 20 re-spins. Crazy Dragon is a colorful and exciting game with so many different winning options and potential for each player.