Bubble Bubble Slots

Er, no, actually… the witches you might have expected to see in this game are on our side, and they're keen to help us win some prizes. No toil and trouble here, and nothing too scary either. This RTG slot game is indeed based on a witchy theme, but they can offer us some more entertaining gameplay than you may think.

Reels and win lines

Five reels are provided for you to spin as the game begins. However, you can be assured of 50 lines to try and win prizes on as you play.

Coin values

Since the lines in this game are fixed, you must look at bets of between 50 cents and $12.50 for each spin of the reels.

Special icons in Bubble Bubble

The witch in this game is called Winni and she will appear on the third reel as an expanding wild. She also grants a 3x multiplier to anything she manages to help you win as she appears.

Her cauldron also pops up as you play the game. This is the scatter icon. If you find two or more of these, a scatter prize is assured for you.

Bonuses to hunt for

If you find three cauldrons on the reels in the same spin, you will be asked to pick on. There are three bonuses to be found in the Bubble Bubble slot, and your choice of cauldron will reveal which one you are set to play.

Will it be the Bewitched bonus, or will you find the Wild Witches bonus instead? How about the Great Ghosts bonus feature? They all vary a lot from each other, so it is an extra perk to look forward to. If you manage to play for a while, you may even get to experience them all. Could one of those bonuses be luckier for you than the others, we wonder?

Download and play the Bubble Bubble slot game today

We love any slot game that manages to provide more than one bonus to enjoy. Since Bubble Bubble has three, we think this might rank as one of our favorite games. We have lots of favorites, but this game is a real delight to try. Winni is very helpful with her expanding appearances and multiplier, so you might end up finding lots of great prizes with her help if you play this game.