Big Bopper Slots

Does the name Big Bopper ring any bells for you? It was a nickname – one used by a famous singer who was well-known back in the Fifties. He died in a plane accident alongside two other famous singers of that era. We get to relive some of his songs by playing the Big Bopper slot based on his career. It might seem an unusual theme for a slot, but it has been well done here.

Reels and win lines

Six reels appear as you play – yes, six rather than five. There is a reason for that, but it does give us 729 ways to win prizes.

Coin values

You need to wager 30 cents per spin at the very least here. Bigger bets are available too, although $7.50 is as high as you can go.

Special icons in Big Bopper

The Big Bopper himself is the wild symbol for this game. He appears on reels two through five. He cannot replace the scatters but will replace everything else. The scatters all appear as letters. If you get them in the right order, you can spell BOPPER over the six reels.

Bonuses to hunt for

We said you could potentially spell BOPPER if you spin the five different scatters onto the right reels. This will trigger one of three bonus features. The first one is a simple prize win called Big Bopper, awarding you anything up to 250x the bet you triggered the bonus with.

The remaining two bonuses revolve around free games. One is called Chantilly Lace while the other is called White Lightnin’. You may recognize those as songs recorded by the Big Bopper. Each set of free spins offers something different too, so it is nice to try and play both types if you intend to play the slot for a while.

Download and play the Big Bopper slot game today

This is a great game packed with superb music that recalls the days of the Fifties. You don’t need to know anything about the Big Bopper to play it either, although fans of the singer will undoubtedly enjoy the game.

Six reels is still quite unusual in a slot game, but it is easy to see how they come into play here. Will you manage to get the better of the reels if you play this 729-ways to win game?